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This blog is a collection of research, ideas, notes from research I’ve done on companies and people  mainly from the industries of business, technology and art.  What I find most interesting is how much these three areas intersect and how many times you’ll find that when a company or person is successful there are experts in all three of these subjects.  For example, at Pixar Ed Catmull was  pioneer and technological wizard, John Lasseter came on as the lead artist, and later Steve Jobs as the business director.  It took each of these talents to really make Pixar a success and it still took them 10-15 years and $50 million to make their first commercial success, Toy Story.  Another example is James Cameron, the director and producer of movies like Avatar, Terminator, The Abyss and many others.  In many of his films he brings in teams that work on the business side (usually working with a studio) that will give him the get & freedom to create what he wants.  He’ll also work with top artistic talent bringing in world authorities on language or ecosystems, like he did on Avatar to create the world of Pandora that was correct.  From the artistic perspective he also had the general ideas for the story, machines, ships, animals, plants, etc. but worked with the artist who would actually draw and come up with their versions of his ideas.  Finally, on the technical side Cameron actually invented new cameras and the 3-D cameras to shoot Avatar.

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